Tweets by CtrlSec How can you help ?

1 – Report the accounts listed by our bots to help for their suspension. Follow @Ctrlsec @Ctrlsec0 @Ctrlsec1 @Ctrlsec2. Even if you can dedicate only 5 minutes per day, every report is helping in the fight against terrorism.

Caution : We process a large amount of data. And human error is always possible. The decision of reporting an account is always at your own appreciation at the end. In case of any doubt, you can get in touch with @An0nshield

2 – Raise awareness among your friends and relatives. The more of us are reporting, the more efficient it is.

3 – Collecting new accounts or links You can report them to @Ctrlsec9.

4 – No need to panic but vigilance is a form of passive resistance. Report any suspicious activities. You can get in touch our staff either on our main account @Ctrlsec (Dm are open), or our accounts in other langages : @CtrlsecAR @Ctrlsec_FR @Ctrlsec_DE @Ctrlsec_ES.

5– Volunteers especially those with IT, social engineering, graphic work skills or translators (especially arabic, persian, turkish, indonesian, german etc ) are more than welcome.

6 – Financially. Although most overwhelming majority of the costs for servers, software licences, burners etc .. are supported by our volunteers themselves, a little extra help is always appreciated.