We are an international NGO created in response to the terrorist attacks which happened in Paris in January 2015. Our group is dedicated to remove all the pro ISIS propaganda that floods social media and pass any significant information regarding threats or recruiters that we might find here to the relevant authorities for action.

For nearly 2 years, we have a special focus on twitter where we collect, check and release lists of ISIS accounts through our bots in order to help for their reporting and suspension. So far, we managed to identify a large number of accounts.

We are also active to hunt and report ISIS contents on other media, especially Telegram which has became their main rear base but also Justpaste.it, Youtube, SendVid, Archive, Dailymotion etc … where a continuous flow of ISIS propaganda needs to be handled.

Our team is formed of volunteers all over the world who are working in multiple langages around the clock 24 / 7 but above all of our 22 000 twitter followers who helps us thanks to an amazing crowdsourcing effort . We are also invested in delivering counter propaganda messages, relaying contents from authorities, other NGO or citizen initiatives such as parodic accounts.

We are also supporting the fight against ISIS on the ground through our partner IPV (International Peshmergas Volunteers)